Yes! . . . our world’s problems are solvable

Yes! Ventures offers business models for social change.  We work with leaders to articulate, fund and scale their endeavors to improve society.

These leaders have big visions for a better world and come from all three sectors: business, civil society and government.

Yes! develops innovative business models which allow these leaders to scale and sustain their efforts without relying solely on traditional funding methods.

Three key words describe what Yes! Ventures does

Articulate Fund Scale

Why Yes! Ventures

Yes! Ventures’ purpose is to address and transform the world’s most significant problems such as water and food safety and availability, human trafficking, the opioid crisis, disaster response and many other pressing problems.

Many leaders and groups want to advance their societies, communities, and industries to better serve people, their markets, and the environment.  While these leaders are deeply committed to bringing about change, they often lack the approaches, platforms, tools and financial wherewithal to realize their desired visions. This is especially the case when they need to work with and through a network of organizations to achieve impacts on a greater scale.

What we offer

Yes! Ventures’ strategies, platforms, business models and tools are designed to provide a cloud-based support infrastructure for change leaders and organizations of all sizes and ranges of interest. Organizations and groups can work together using Yes! Ventures services without needing to create complicated alliances and coalitions. Yes! Ventures provides the way forward, and after catalyzation, its unique financial models and marketplace create a snowball effect of connections, coordinated action, and e-commerce. These rapidly expanding income flows can self-fund and sustain large-scale efforts.

Who should work with us

If you’re a change leader with a big vision and you want to expand your ability to convene people and attract funds, then please get in touch with us to explore how our strategies, funding proposals and platforms can help you realize your vision.