Articulate Possibilities

Articulate Possibilities

“A better, brighter future relies on Conversations for Possibility because only thoughts assessed as possible can be manifested in physical reality.” Fernando Flores, former Minister of Economics for Chile

All social change must start with a clear and compelling vision; not just the solution itself, but also the means to test, scale and sustain.

YES! Ventures works with change agents to develop realizable possibilities.  We help them see themselves in new ways in their present and larger contexts.  We then co-create strategies and crystallize an implementation plan that is presentable, fundable and sustainable.  These strategies for systemic solutions typically involve multiple partners with a shared purpose, multiple funding streams and long-term perspectives.

Successful social change strategies using YES! Ventures platforms will often include partners who share a vision and have capacity to shift the system.

Articulation Services

Conversations for Possibility

Prospective Partner Research

Declaration of the Vision

Project Design

Strategy Development