Why, amidst the many existing social network services and platforms, does Yes! Ventures seek to offer its own? 

The simple answer is that no one system has integrated the right combination of functions to move the needle on social change.  Yes! Ventures understands that large-scale social change is going to require more than collecting followers, likes and re-tweets.  Organizations who want to work together on shared purpose need an easy-to-use, common space to connect, collaborate and coordinate work, along with the ability to generate and distribute sustainable funding flows. 

Yes! Ventures offers collaborating organizations the next level of technology solutions.  Here are some key features of our forthcoming platforms:

  • Our service integrates a dashboard tracking system, a social network for purpose, AND an advertising and e-commerce feature to generate ongoing funding.  These features enable organizations to build bridges for collaboration with other organizations and to efficiently apply funding to joint efforts.  Usually, these capabilities are fragmented.  With Yes! Ventures they are available as a three-in-one platform making collaboration and synergistic work and progress easy. 
  • Dashboards enable coordination and tracking at different levels of cause effort.  For example, system-wide change efforts need to coordinate actions at the regional/industry/policy level in a way that’s symbiotically connected to multiple program objectives forwarded by dozens of projects.  Also, quantitative, qualitative and developmental indicators need to be easily tracked and coordinated to help change leaders focus on what’s important and assess results in real time. 
  • Platforms are developed and operated according to the following principles:  inclusive, trustworthy, transparent, private, engaged and philanthropic.   On most social network platforms today, we don’t know what’s happening with our personal data.  And while the services are “free,” our use of their services makes us “the product” the platform sells to advertisers.  All the while, the financial benefit created through the use of the platforms is concentrated and accumulates to the investor-owners.  Yes! Ventures changes this equation so that the value people and organizations create by using our platform will largely accrue to Action Funds that are directed by the participating organizations themselves.  We achieve this by sharing up to 2/3 of our platform transaction fees and advertising revenues to the Action Funds associated with the cause.  In keeping with our platform principles, all transactions and advertising will ensure that individuals and organizations have control over their profiles. 

Yes! Ventures’ fundamental purpose is to support collaborative action for effective, positive change—change in which everyone can play a role.  Our intent is for Yes! Ventures platforms to enable game changing efficacy to organizations seeking to make change.