Yes! Ventures clients know there are better ways

They want to go beyond traditional approaches to achieve their desired level of impact and scale over the long run.

They seek the partnership of those who share a common purpose and are willing to transcend the boundaries of government, business and nonprofit structure to achieve shared goals.

They see the potential of networks to maximize impact through their alignment and abundant resourcing of their collaborative action.

They accept risk and organizational learning as a component of any ambitious change strategy.

Our clients are groups of NGO’s, multi-sector alliances, foundations, governments or industries that choose Yes! Ventures technologies and business models to underpin and fuel their change efforts.

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Past clients include

Archdiocese of Los Angeles


California Catholic Conference of Bishops

Center for Powerful Public Schools

Center for Restorative Justice works

Coalition to Abolish Slavery & Trafficking (CAST)

Children Youth and Family Collaborative

Diocese of Sacramento

Los Angeles Unified School District—Department of Linked Learning

Samuel Dixon Family Health Centers, Inc.

Santa Clarita Community Development Corporation

South Central Los Angeles Ministry Project

The Teen Project, Inc.

United Homeless Healthcare Partners

Venice Community Housing Corporation