At Yes! Ventures, we know that the world’s most challenging problems are solvable.  This confidence is not a product of magical thinking, but instead based on the study of strategies that support effective change movements and the technologies that can facilitate, amplify and accelerate change. In fact, it would be difficult to deny that mobile/online technologies and their underlying business models themselves are the greatest change-agents in the contemporary world.


The current moment is ripe globally for positive political, economic and social change. People are awakening to a new sense of personal and communal responsibility for the issues that matter most to them in the face of political impasse. However, without proven change strategies, these efforts may fizzle out, become balkanized or devolve into ineffective media campaigns.


In “Making Change: How Social Movements Work and How to Support Them” (2009), Manuel Pastor and Rhonda Ortiz identify ten elements that characterize successful social movements. These include:


  1. A vision and a frame,
  2. An authentic base in key constituencies,
  3. A commitment to the long-haul,
  4. An underlying and viable economic model,
  5. A vision of government and governance,
  6. A scaffold of solid research,
  7. A pragmatic policy package,
  8. A recognition of the need for scale,
  9. A strategy for scaling up, and
  10. A willingness to network with other movements.


Impactful social change is not a lucky accident, a sudden zeitgeist or the influence of an inspirational leader. It is an intentional effort to shift mindsets, institutions, power and money flows. Effective social change requires connections throughout the system being changed, multilevel coordination amongst organizations, and strategic investments over the long-term.

Yes! Ventures’ Change Platform provides the alignment, funding and scalability needed to resource and expand impact. Call or e-mail us to find out how we can help power your purpose.